Gavin Stanton


Age: 8

Lives: Troutdale, Oregon, U.S.A.

Enjoys: Mountain Biking, 4-Wheel Rock Crawling with Dad, Skateboarding, Riding at The Lumberyard with friends

Sponsors: Lil' Shredder Bikes, Troy Lee Designs, Profile MTB, FiveTen, Sandy Bicycle


My name is Gavin Stanton, I am 7 years old and heading into the 2nd grade. I typically start my day with an egg sandwich or a bowl of cereal. For lunch I like a good ham & cheese sandwich with red onion and lettuce. My favorite dinner spot is Bambo Sushi in Portland, or a Juicy Filet Mignon from a good steak house. My number one love is riding my bike and I just so happen to be the kid behind Lil Shredder Bikes. I just started skateboarding and learned to ollie the second day of skating. I also like to go four wheeling/rock crawling in our Jeep with my dad. When the weather gets bad, I love to ride at the Lumberyard indoor bike park with friends or play with Legos. Since my family owns Lil Shredder Bikes it has allowed me to travel to some pretty fun places to ride my bike. Life is pretty awesome!

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Q: When and why did you start riding?

A: My mom and dad said I have always liked bikes, especially spinning wheels on bikes that were turned upside down in our down stairs. I started balancing on a balance bike at 15 months. My first pedal stroke was when I was 2 1⁄2.

Q: How do you train for competition?

A: I currently compete for fun and don’t take training to seriously because I am only 7.

Q: Your favorite bike shop?

A: Sandy Bikes in Sandy, Oregon. Larry has been helping my dad since the first bike he built for me when I was only 2.

Q: What do you think is most important to ensure ongoing, healthy growth of the sport you compete in?

A: I think it's all about riding and having fun with friends.

Q: Best bike movie or short video?

A: The new Rad Company is super awesome. I also like watching short videos of Finn, Lukas, Nathan, Shane, and other kids riding bikes.

Q: Why G-Form?

A: I like G-Forms because I can put them on and take them off by myself. They don't slide down my legs or arms like a lot of other pads my dad has bought for me. And, they fit under my pants!

Q: What are your riding goals?

A: To become a pro rider, but my parents say I have to finish school first.

Q: Last book or magazine you read?

A: Decline Magazine was the last magazine I read. Darth Vader and Son by Jeffry Brown is the last book I read.

Q: The most amazing place you have ridden?

A: The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh, PA, then Rays Indoor Bike Park in Cleveland, OH, and always Whistler, BC.

Q: Best moment on your bike?

A: When I got 3rd place in the Jump Jam at the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival.

Q: Do you do any type of volunteer work in your community; bike related or not?

A: My dad and I volunteer at trail maintenance days. We also help build bikes at Christmas time for kids who don't have bikes.

Q: Final shout-outs?

A: I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for building awesome kids bikes, Larry at Sandy Bikes for building all of my wheels, Victor at Spank Bike Products for the components, FiveTen Shoes for making the best kids bike riding shoes, Eric Bess at Kid Dynamite Apparel for the clothing hookup, and G-Form for making awesome pads.


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